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  1. 11/05/11

    Hello, congratulations for your postings about Ricoh.
    Please, I've got a Ricoh Dynamic Auto which Model Number is 6652.
    Can you tell me the year of introduction of this?
    How can I upload an image of it for you?


    Reply from Ninja01:


    Believe it or not, I just noticed the comment area in this forum! That explains why I haven't been able to answer you at all before this -- usually people just send a "PM" to get a question or other message to another member.

    OK - to post a pic (if you're still interested), please look @ a recent post I made under the main discussion forum. It is @

    I don't have the intro date info right @ my "fingertips" now - I'll have to dig thru my files & see if I have that.

    Sincerely, Don
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    Dr Seiko

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    Always a bright light, :?)